Gaiartefact (installation)

Gaiartefacts are objects that aim to reconnect ourselves mentally and emotionally to the cosmic continuum. I call "cosmic continuum" the ontological continuity between macroscopic objects (a star, a galaxy, an atmosphere) and microscopic or intermediate objects (e.g. a tree stump, a living cell, a microprocessor or a great ape of Gabon).

The Gaiartefacts crystallize a thought or a theory: the inert-living continuity, the theory of the panspermia, the thermal dissipation of the printed circuits energy. The idea then becomes visual aesthetic (the etymology of the aesthetic refers precisely to the idea of ‘making sensitive to’).

The Gaiartefacts aim to raise awareness of the continuum. A jellyfish is projected on a rock, whereby she seems to no longer want to dwell. The fossil is in motion and leaves in boredom. A piece of coal is transformed into a static comet; the cells of matter are ejected in a whirl of particles, ready to secrete the first bricks of life. A computer chipset is irradiated with light and evacuates its heat through tentacles of copper. A strange stone projects a profile in a tiny solar flare. The eye becomes macroscopic. A Plexiglas porthole propels us into a wormhole. The planetary landscapes scroll until the appearance of a colourful vortex, soon indistinguishable.

#Anthropocène #énergie #Entropie #continuum #macroscopic #microscopic #fossil #esthétique

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