Anthropic combinations of entropic elements (sculpture's serie)

Anthropic combinations of entropic elements, consists of a corpus of sculptural forms. The ensemble could suggest a three-dimensional board by Ernst Haeckel or a diversified sample of rocks of the five continents.

Minerals, plants and human artefacts assemble and coagulate. They bring out a hybrid protean landscape; a collection of small entities that seem both: inert and dynamic, colourful and dark. The silica and the organic collide to merge or dislocate randomly. The real fractals itself in a multidirectional evolutionary cycle; materials and objects of the technè disappear and re-emerge by effects of dilution and condensation. The currents are invisible. All of this must be seized. The atomization of structures accelerates this movement of recombination and metamorphosis.

Plastics dissolve, chipset’s fans remove heat from rocks or microprocessors. Dissipative structures produce unknown waste. No man had seen this matter.

Entropic chance guides the cycle of births and disappearances. The biotech-no- geological forms liquefy, metamorphose and recombine in a growing cycle that points to the infinitely small.

The whole operates as a sculptural attempt to sample and arrange this moving material.

#Anthropic #Entropic #recombination #dissipativestructure #movingmaterials #dislocate

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